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RootX The tree root Killer, Does not harm the trees

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RootX is the root intrusion solution.
RootX is the original, non-metam sodium foaming root control in an easy-to-apply powdered formulation. It foams on contact with water to kill roots, inhibit re growth, and restore pipe flow capacity.
Roots can clog pipes causing blockages and sewer overflows.
RootX attacks and kills the roots.
RootX removes virtually all the roots, restoring pipe flow capacity

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New Stock 2 Pound Jars  $28.59

New Stock 2-2 pound RootX Four pounds total  $57.59
2_pound_rootx2_pound_rootx2_pound_rootx 2_pound_rootx2_pound_rootx2_pound_rootx2_pound_rootx
New Stock 3- 2 Pound RootX Total 6 Pounds  $86.59
4-2 Pound RootX total 8 Pounds of RootX  $115.59

It's simple and fast.
The patented RootX formulation foams on contact with water, filling the entire pipe to reach the top where 90% of pipeline root intrusion occurs. From start to finish, a RootX application takes less than 30 minutes whether you are working with main or lateral lines.

It's an effective and proven treatment.
The active ingredient in RootX is the aquatic herbicide Dichlobenil that has been used for years to control aquatic weeds.

RootX contains surfactants, degreasing agents that strip away the grime on roots, allowing Dichlobenil to penetrate the root ends.

RootX is labeled for use in both sanitary and storm pipes and is not a restricted use product.

It's a proven solution.
RootX promotes bacterial growth that assists in the decomposition of dead roots. For over a decade thousands of municipalities and Professional Drain Cleaners depend on RootX for their maintenance solution.

Now inhibit regrowth and increase profits.
The patented foaming herbicidal formula is registered in all 50 states. EPA registration # 68464.1. It kills roots and inhibits regrowth - even at the top of the pipe, where 90% of intrusion occurs. It enhances bacterial growth, so it's safe for septic systems, too.

Within 12 weeks, the root debris begins to decay and remaining roots are stunted. Nine months later, roots are virtually gone. Full flow. Contrast that with an untreated pipe - roots grow back within nine months. Annual retreatment keeps pipes clear.
Increase revenue annually.
RootX is revenue you can count on every year. A registration card is included with every application of RootX. By mailing it in, you create direct mail marketing for your company. (Better than the yellow pages!) RootX reminds registered customers to treat pipes annually and generates another service call for you!

RootX supports your business growth with technical support for those unusual applications, as well as brochures, decals, and statement stuffers to increase your visibility. Savvy homeowners know that RootX is the way to go - help them find you!