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How to troubleshoot repair and replace a garbage disposal.

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The Garbage disposal page two

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With the top section of the basket strainer in place, first put the card-board washer (friction ring) under the sink If there is a rubber washer the rubber washer goes on before the friction washer. then the metal triangle shaped piece note the flat side goes up. The next piece with the three screws goes next, but first back the screws all the way to the last few threads. now none of this will stay in place till you install the last ring clip. To install the ring clip, with one hand hold the top of the basket strainer down (hold it down from the top of the sink) then slip the ring into the grove. (see the picture above. the ring will snap into place.

Then you will need to tighten the three screws .

Make sure to tighten them evenly, screw all of them up loosely till the triangle plate is all the way against the bottom of the sink, then turn each screw 1/2 a turn at a till they are all tight and it sits nice and even. Now you can remove the excess putty from the top of the sink. 

Ok  next step is to get the disposal ready to hang on the basket strainer you just installed.

The first thing you want to do is determine if you will be running your dish washer drain into the disposal or not

If not skip the next step. but if you are the next step is very important.

In the above pictures you will see the dishwasher connection.

Note in the first picture there is a built in plug inside. If you are going to use this connection to connect your dishwasher drain, this plug needs to be removed

Using a small screw driver and a hammer, place the end of the screw driver at the end of the plug (not the center) then tap it with the hammer, moving the end of the screw driver around the perimeter of the plug with each tap of the hammer till the plug breaks off.

Once the plug breaks off make sure you remove if from the inside of the disposal, sometimes it does not come out in one piece, make sure to remove All of the plug.

If this is a single bowl sink, or if you have the room to use the 90 that comes with the disposal, this is how to install it.

Place the rubber washer in to the disposal then put the metal ring up behind the flair ion the 90 install and tighten the 2 nuts.

All drains require a trap, in a single sink application the trap will attach to the bottom of the dishwasher 90.

If you have a double sink and you do not have the room to use the 90 that comes with the disposal there is a kit that will allow you to come straight out and connect to combination sink drain tee. the pipe going into the disposal has a flared end just like the 90.

To hang the disposal just line the flange on the disposal with the flange on the basket strainer so that all three sections line up then turn the flange on the disposal 1/4 turn clockwise then tighten with the tool that comes with the disposal 

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