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The Basket Strainer, how to replace it properly.

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How to replace a kitchen sink basket strainer.



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How to remove a stuck Basket strained, and how to properly install a new basket strainer

Most basket strainers have a retainer nut made out of pot metal. If the old nut will not move it is easy to split the nut to remove the old basket strainer. A few tricks I use are I run a Sawzall from the top down and under, to split the basket strainer and the nut, But you need to make sure you don't cut the sink,

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The other trick I use is I drill holes into the nut from the basket strained to the end of the nut and split the nut that way. there is a tool made that will allow you to hold the basket strainer still so that you can put allot of pressure on the nut, but I never use this tool because if the nut is stuck it is allot easer to just break the nut off. The tool can also be used to install the new basket strainer, but again I don't use it.
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This is what most basket strainer come with The main piece 1 rubber washer, 1 paper or cardboard washer and a pot metal nut. Note: You will be better off if you use metal basket strainers instead of plastic. Some basket strainers come with a smaller thin washer intended to go between the basket strainer and the sink, I don't use them unless the sink manufacturer specially says not to use plumbers putty.
The oil in plumbers putty will permanently stain the marble. That being said I prefer using plumbers putty to seal the joint between the basket strainer and the sink.
Roll up some plumbers putty in your hands and place it around the rim of the basket strainer. Make sure not to leave any gaps.
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With the putty on the basket strainer place the basket strainer into the sink hole. Press down very hard with even pressure around the rim. the putty will squeeze out all around the rim.

With the basket strainer pushed down as hard as you can and even you will notice a good bead of putty on the threads under the sink. This excess putty must be removed before you place the rubber washer the paper or cardboard washer and the nut on to the basket strainer.

I use my finger to remove the putty but be careful sometimes there are sharp edges on sinks and you can cut your finger, you can use a screw driver or small putty knife instead but be sure not to push the basket strainer up and break the seal.

With the excess putty removed install the large rubber washer first, then under that the paper or cardboard washer then the nut. Be sure not to push up on the basket strainer and break the seal. Hold the basket strainer down with one hand when turning the nut. Make sure the paper or cardboard washer (also known as the friction washer) is between the rubber washer and the nut. If not the rubber washer will push out when you tighten the nut. Run the nut all the way up by hand and make as tight as you can by hand but holding the top so it will not push up and spin. As I said before there is a nice tool you can use to tighten the nut. but I just use Channel locks. Just a good 3/4 to 1 full turn after hand tight is tight enough as long as you have removed the excess putty as instructed earlier. If you did not remove the excess putty no mater how tight you make it, it will loosen up and leak in just a week.


By Thomas Petito Reardon



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