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Is owned and run by me, Thomas Petito Reardon, I have been doing plumbing and heating for over 40 years, troubleshooting residential plumbing and heating systems, from New York to Alaska, Florida and Connecticut. I have installed all types of boilers and furnaces, repaired and replaced all types of faucets, all types of toilets, all types of sinks, and other plumbing issues that come up in homes all over the country.

I started this website back in 1998 with the simple goal of helping home owners find and fix their own plumbing and heating issues.

This is a totally free website, you will never be asked for a payment.

Over the years I have added many pages of plumbing and heating instructions, with detailed text and large images to help you solve any plumbing issue, over 750 pages and growing, please check out the links below to find what you are looking for on this website.

In addition to all of the information that is already on this website,
I have what I call the "Open Dialog Service". What is the Open Dialog Service? The Open Dialog service is a free service that I provide to help you with your specific Heating or plumbing issue. You send me an email with the details of your plumbing question or your heating concern, and I answer your question faster than you believe. I personally guaranty that I will answer your question within 12 hours, at the most, in most cases you will get a response within 1 hour of sending me an email. No nonsense. For full details of the Open Dialog Service please click here.

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Plumbing Problems

If you like please check out some of the questions I have answered, and the plumbing and heating issues I have helped other home owners solve. Click Here

Is it the middle of winter and you have no heat? I can help you

Did your water heater spring a leak? Together we can fix that.

Is your toilet backing up? I can talk you through it

Did your outside hose bib flood the inside of your home? I know why.

If it is plumbing, and, or heating related, I can help you fix it.

Just have a quick question? I will answer it.

If you have problems with anything on this website please let me know. Thank you for visiting.

Thomas Petito Reardon.

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