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If you have plumbing problems or heating problems, I can help you solve them.

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If you have plumbing questions or heating questions, I can answer them.
If you need plumbing help or heating help, I can give you step-by-step instructions. I have been in the plumbing and heating field for over 40 years, with all of this experience, I am able to communicate with the home owner,
I understand your plumbing and heating questions and am able to give you an answer that you will understand.
It's like having an on-line plumber, standing by to answer all of your questions. I have taken the time to take pictures of my work, and placed them on the pages of this website, so you can see how it is done, step-by-step.
You will see how to service and repair faucets, with large images.
How to service and repair drain problems. How to troubleshoot a hot water heater.

How to solve a no heat problem and get the heat back on by yourself. Fix your own oil fired boiler and furnace as well as your gas fired furnace and boiler. And many other plumbing repairs and heating repairs.
In addition to all of the free information, I also provide, the "Open Dialog Service" this is where
I get very involved in helping you solve your plumbing and or heating problems.
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